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Default London's population drops 8%

Richard J. wrote:
Recliner wrote on Sat Feb 06 2021 16:11:25
GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time) ...
Marland wrote:

* London of course is a bit simplistic, We and a relative still does lived
in a part of Chiswick within 5min walking of the District and Piccadilly
lines and equidistant from the well equipped high road and numerous bus
routes that made access inward easy

Yes, that's a popular area to live, apart from the low flying aircraft
landing at Heathrow.

Anywhere in Chiswick within 5min walking of the District/Piccadilly
(Chiswick Park or Turnham Green stations) is at least a mile north of the
nearest landing path to Heathrow, so not too noisy.

Actually after I made my post I remembered that the Piccadilly is only
available very early or late and on Sundays and of course it has to be
Turnham Green, Chiswick Park hasn’t got platforms on the Piccadilly tracks.
We were very close to Jones model shop as well but you have to be
reasonably long in the tooth to remember them.