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Default Crossrail update

On 21/03/2021 15:05, Marland wrote:
Graeme Wall wrote:
On 21/03/2021 10:57, Recliner wrote:
Graeme Wall wrote:
On 21/03/2021 09:51, Recliner wrote:
Mark Wild's latest Crossrail update video:

Hate the musac! Otherwise a very competent presentation.

It's funny, I just filter the music out. If you'd asked me if there was
music in that video, I'd have said I didn't recall any.

I suspect most people would be the same, it used to be part of my job to
notice these things :-)

I thought you were a TV cameraman not a lift attendant ?

It's a tough life being freelance, you take what you can get.

Graeme Wall
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