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Default Tim goes Underground

Basil Jet wrote:

filming a TV show called
#SecretsOfTheLondonUnderground during a lockdown

How is that an essential service?

It's work which he can't do from home. I don't think there's been a point
at which non-essential *work* was forbidden (otherwise my friends who run a
mail-order wool company would have had to close, for example). Or do you
think all production of new TV programmes should have ceased for a year?

Various very interesting YouTubers have continued making videos within the
rules too (eg Tom Scott and The Tim Traveller) - I'm guessing that they
make all/a considerable amount of their income from their YouTube videos,
therefore it counts as work, it can't be done from home, therefore it's
permitted. Geoff Marshall's 399 (?) bus video recently discussed here falls
into the same category - was that essential?

Anna Noyd-Dryver