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Default And you thought it was just London that had problems ...

On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 16:17:20 +0100 John Youles wrote:
} On Mon, 11 Aug 2003 10:16:39 +0100 in, "Stimpy"
} tapped out on the keyboard:
} "David Winter"
} wrote in message ...
} Go to aus.rail for a blow by blow commentary by locals. Some subject
} headers
} refer to the Mil-lemon.
} The only way out of this black hole is to restore vertically
} integrated
} railways with engineering cpability and an incremental approach to
} technical
} development.
} But a vertically integrated railway is now effectively forbidden
} within the EU.
} If you mean by that a railway where only one operator is allowed, then yes,
} vertical integration is ruled out except for urban or suburban lines - see

I don't get that from the statutory instrument you point to:

5.(1) Any railway undertaking which is also an infrastructure manager

(a) prepare and maintain accounts for business relating to the
provision of transport services which are separate from its
accounts for business relating to the management of railway
infrastructure; and

(b) ensure that there is no transfer of state aid granted
to the undertaking between the provision of transport
services and the management of railway infrastructure.

The rest concerns non-UK TOCs seeking paths on UK infrastructure.

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