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Default Any useful Oyster card FAQs?

On Sat, 14 Jan 2006 19:17:31 +0000, Clive Page

(like how can I access on-line a record of my recent journeys,

It doesn't tell you how for the same reason it doesn't tell you how to
buy fish & chips with Oyster. Because I don't think you can :-)

what if
I touch in at a Zone 1 station when my Oystercard has only a couple of
pounds of credit left, but travel to a zone where the fare would have
been more than that - can I top up at the destination or not).

As my Oyster is set to auto top-up, I've never tried. But if it lets
you on, it's unlikely to imprison you at the exit :-)

Are there any unofficial sites which explain all the gory details of
Oyster cards? I've seen lots of threads on this newsgroup on Oyster
cards, many with useful information, but wonder if anyone has already
collected them into a compendium?

I don't think so. But what a good idea! You've just volunteered for
a free evening's work!

Seriously, why not? Apart from the general public good, there are
perks to owning a web site useful enough to get lots of traffic. I
run a support site for Cubase, a piece of music software. It gets
moderately high traffic. When I put a link to a friend's site on that
page, it does it no harm at all with Google's search rating.

"Possibly the world's least impressive web site": George Perfect