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Default Any useful Oyster card FAQs?

In message . com, Matt
Ashby writes
I don't know if you can check your usage online, but you
can ask for a printout from any London Underground ticket

Thanks. I assumed, from the sketchy details in the leaflet, that this
could be done on-line. I can't see why not, since it clearly says that
you can check your personal details on-line.

what if I touch in at a Zone 1 station when my Oystercard
has only a couple of pounds of credit left, but travel to a
zone where the fare would have been more than that -
can I top up at the destination or not).

The system will debit the correct amount from your card
(giving you a slightly negative balance), and then allow
you out of the automatic gates.

Well that's also a surprise - and seems like a loophole. On further
reflection I guess that you have your original 3 deposited with them,
and the excess fare is always below that, so getting a series of Oyster
cards to take long journeys at the Zone 1 rate wouldn't gain you

Is this stuff documented anywhere - I was only asking naive questions
because I couldn't find it on the LT/TFL sites?

Clive Page