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Default Routes K9/K10: Kingston to Epsom

"Colin" wrote in message

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Can anyone confirm whether or not all zone London bus passes are valid
beyond Worcester Park through to Epsom on routes K9 & K10? Other routes
such as 418 & 467 are, but no mention is made on the publication "Beyond
The Fringes" of the K9 & K10.


Phil Richards
London, N4

If you look at the official TFL bus map for SW London:
(NB: 4.4MB!)

it shows that those routes turn from a grey line to a green line as they
cross the Greater London boundary (ooposite Worcester Park station on the

and in St. Clair Drive on the K10). This means that TFL tickets and passes
are not valid on these routes south of the boundary.

You are right however that the 406, 418, 467 & 166 do accept TFL tickets &
passes across the boundary through to Epsom.


K9 & K10 are still commercial routes run by Epsom Buses/Quality Line the
others are TfL tendered/heavily subsidised services so they have end to end
ticket availability whilst the K9/K10 don't