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Default Does Anyone Know When The New Ubdersea Tunnel Will Be Completed?

Toby wrote:
"Avenger" wrote in message
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I'm referring to the one connecting London to New York. I think it's a
great idea especially the non stop express trains. And the toilet
facilities and other accomodations will be of the same high standards
we've come to expect on the London underground.

The Discovery Channel had a programme about the Transatlantic Tunnel. In
the last week, we've seen another previous fictional rail tunnel unearth
itself (Bering Strait tunnel). Perhaps, the Transatlantic Tunnel is

You cannot build tunnels across continental plates.

A Bering Strait bridge is the answer; one
platter can rest upon rollers with each end on
different continents. It would still require
good maintenance and the platter would have to
be replaced regularly but it is not impossible.


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