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Default Tube Walking Project - Completed!

On 14 May, 08:35, londonphotoproject

Apologies for the self-promotion but I think this is relevant to the

On Monday I completed my six-month challenge to walk the entire London
Underground (above ground). I have walked the routes of all 12 tube
lines (I started before the East London line closed). The walking was
split of 54 days and the total length of my walking routes was 378.5
miles. That is only 7 miles per day on average so if you were willing
to up the miles per day it would be doable in much less time.

As I walked I carried a camera and a GPS logger. I took photos of all
the tube stations on the way apart from the Heathrow stations - When I
got to Heathrow I chose to walk around the airport. The photos and the
GPS tracks are on the blog he

You can find a merged map of all the walking routes he


This is excellent stuff.

One nitpicky thing: I'm not sure the standard reverse-chronology blog
format suits the site very well now your walk's completed (i.e. it'd
be better to click the Hammersmith & City link and be presented with
"Day 1: Hammersmith to Ladbroke Grove" first, rather than starting at
the end).

[However, have just looked into how easy it is to do "oldest post
first" with Wordpress, and the answer appears to be "really rather
hard". Oh well.]

John Band
john at johnband dot org