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Default Picadilly frequency LHR 4 & 5

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What is the pattern and which service is better to take to terminal

From the central area it's as follows :-

Every 10 minutes - Hatton Cross - T123 - T5
Every 10 minutes - Hatton Cross - T4 - T123.

The trains serving T4 pause for 8 minutes at T4 before heading back to
London via the loop and T123. Depending on how pressed for time you
are then it is probably best to take a train for T5 and it will go
direct to T123. If you can tolerate an 8 minute wait at T4 then any
train showing Heathrow as a destination is fine. If you are in a
hurry and catch a train serving T4 then get off at Hatton Cross and
wait for the T5 train that should be following 5 minutes behind.

Assuming that the trains are running normally, would it ever be quicker
to take a T4 train to T123? I'm assuming it would always be slower, as
not only is there the wait at T4, but travelling via the loop is also

However, I'm guessing that the T4 trains are much less crowded, so if
you have plenty of time, it might be worth taking a T4 train to T123 in
order to get a seat and have room for luggage. I'd imagine you need to
allow at least an extra five minutes or so, compared to waiting for the
next T5 train.