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Default Aston-Martin Boris bus

On 19 Dec, 18:23, Mr Thant

On 19 Dec, 14:16, (Neil Williams)

Leather seats are becoming increasingly common in buses, particularly
those sold as a premium service, because they both "look good" and
they are relatively cheap to maintain. *(That's why Ryanair uses them
- just a quick wipe-down is needed to clean them).

There's at least one type of London bus I've been on that has them.
Scanias on the 148 maybe?

Yes, but only on a few of them. I also doubt that it's real leather.
Not sure about the whole hard wearing aspect when it comes to buses -
I recall seeing a few scratched seat covers and also I think a
graffiti tag or two - the leather presents a new easy to write on
surface on which to scribble (not that fabric covers are immune from
this but they require more effort on the part of the scribbler).

I'm dubious about leather (or leather-esque) seats in hot weather - I
imagine they might get sticky especially on a hot bus in London town.