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On 25 Mar, 21:05, "philip" wrote:

Thanks for the info everyone. I think that the authorities may be expecting
things tp happen in the square mile as we are being warned not to wear
business attire, stagger our arival/departure times, not to leave the
building when we are here etc. and are advising us, if at all possible, to
avoid main line stations . Sounds like they are expecting some real s**t!

It's worth bearing in mind that the police might well be playing up
the risk to make it easier for them to utilise a number of powers that
exist in anti-terrorism, public order and other such legislation -
powers that are conditional on there being a perceived threat.

With regards to the City of London Police, the were caught 'off-guard'
in June 1999 when a demo basically became a bit of a riot and have
been very cautious ever since.

Lastly, the corporate security officers employed by big companies
perhaps have something of an interest in playing up potential trouble
- this is after all their bread and butter and they have to justify
their existence.