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Default Modern Railways, June

On 9 June, 19:53, 1506 wrote:
On Jun 9, 10:56*am, "Stephen O'Connell" wrote:

1506 wrote:
The 1938 tube train looked perfect. *Although ISTR in service these
units ran with black roofs. *The preserved one is all over red.

IIRC they were a darkish Grey. (Which could be black!) The roofs
certainly weren't red in my day anyway.

That sounds about right.

However, that's only a minor
nitpick. They are lovely trains to see around, especialy in a red
livery. It brings back soooo many memories..

Indeed, I could not agree more. *They were wonderful trains. *They
almost define my years in London. *Will there ever be another build of
subway trains as iconic?

They were the first large production run of tube sized trains that had
smooth roofs and all the equipment under the floors, avoiding the
messy look of the "standard" stock, so a real leap forward in design.