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Default Modern Railways, June

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I always thought of them as the Routemaster of the tube
world! I'd have said the RT. RMs were more the
contemporaries of the 59 and 62 stock.

Mind you, the RT was still in production in 1954
(paradoxically, some of these had OLD nnn numberplates).

I used to go to school on either OLD345 or OLD362, the latter
was favourite with us as the route was the 362.

Don't think so, sir. *Still have a 1962 ABC to hand which has no

The green ones were mainly 500's and 700's plus a few 600's and

Now my school ones were JXN33 to 41 when new!

One time, about 1973, I photographed RT "OLD001" under the canopy in
front of Marylebone Station. *I had spent four days photographing
items of railway and transportation interest in and around London.

When I opened my camera the film had jammed. *My efforts had been in

It's a good story, especially as the registration "OLD001" never

OLD 1? 36 years is a long time to remember.

36 years ago is only 1973. That was after most of the RT family had been
scrapped. Looking at my "ABC British Bus Fleets 12", London Transport,
Twenty-First edition, of June 1963, I can't find any OLD mark below
OLD501. The RT fleet was still substantially complete then.

Colin Rosenstiel