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Recliner[_4_] January 16th 21 04:21 PM

TfL's belt-tightening options

tim...[_2_] January 17th 21 02:20 PM

TfL's belt-tightening options

"Recliner" wrote in message

there appears to be a type on this

TfL wants a slice of the Vehicle Excise Duty funds deriving from vehicles in
London - but if it does receive that, London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he would
look at a Greater London boundary charge.

should say DOESN'T receive

tim...[_2_] January 17th 21 02:30 PM

TfL's belt-tightening options

"Recliner" wrote in message

anyhow back to commenting upon the item itself

It seems to be rather short of suggestions

I've previously seen ideas such a permanent changes to 60+/Freedom pass
validity and under 18 fares.

all this suggests is:

"bus services and off-peak tube services would be cut by 4%"

Is that such a bad deal?

would many people notice a 4% cut. A once every 20 minute service becomes
once every 21 minutes

6 buses per hour , 24 every 4 hours, becomes 23 every 4 hours

and "the re-opening of the Night Tube would be delayed"

disappointing as it might be to see that happen. Does anybody really think
that night tube is a necessary public service that has to run if it is loss

Back to the night bus the.

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