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Default Kingston to Eastbourne bus

On 10/02/2019 11:45, Roland Perry wrote:
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11:22:52 on Sun, 10 Feb 2019, Arthur Figgis
Waiting at a bus stop yesterday, I noticed the times for a
few-days-a-year return bus service from Kingston to Eastbourne.

Why does this exist?

Does anyone actually spend 3h 5min on a bus to Eastbourne, rather than
take a train?

Easily beaten by the 3hrs 50mins for the Oxford-Cambridge bus.

These days aren't those posh vehicles with according to Stagecoach "the
luxury of leather reclining seats, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi" (and
tiolets), rather than ordinary red double-deckers like this

Yes, it's cheap, 10 quid return compared to train fares from GBP8.50
single... but you would spend more of the day on the bus than in
Eastbourne. It looks like coffin-dodger passes are not valid(?).

The X5 (above) offers an unspecified discount for card-holders before
9:30 which implies they are valid after 9:30.

"Special £7 Return on 774 only for Freedom Pass Holders.No other
concessions available."

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