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In message , at 08:45:36 on Sun, 8 Sep 2019,
tim... remarked:

so the reasons seem to be:

because he got government grant of 3,500 - for a near 50 grand car
(after options) is that really a deal maker?

So he can save on the ultra-low emission zone fee, - surely your
average second hand petrol model achieves that

not very compelling, is it?

The various greenwash suspicions are interestingly at odds with a much
earlier decision not to buy Priuses(sp) as ministerial cars, because
their overall footprint wasn't regarded as sufficiently compelling.

especially as he admits himself that there are not enough public charge
points - there's not a single one within parking distance of my house

The nearest two Tesla chargers to my house are both 15 minutes drive,
and at hotel/B&B type locations. Are those truly "public"?

I'm surprised to see there's a "Pod point" [whatever that is] charger at
the Sainsbury's, because I've never noticed it. I'll go take a proper
look tomorrow.
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