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Default Question re RT FAMILY withdrawl

On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 16:14:54 +0000, Peter Able wrote:

On 15/03/2020 10:13, Graham Harrison wrote:
When they withdrew the RT/RTW/RTL family how did LT decide which ones
to withdraw when? Did they follow a similar pattern to, say,
trolleybuses doing a whole garage at a time (I don't believe so)? Did
they withdraw the RTWs first because they were (despite being 500
strong) non-standard? Was it based on an approaching overhaul date
(but that might have made them harder to sell on and lost were sold)?

Anyone know?

My own experience of 50 years ago was that Regents were steadily
relegated to lighter routes and when those routes went OMO, a
route's-worth of Regents left the garage.


To me "Regents" means the RT, not the RTL or RTW but I can see the
logic in what you say. But it doesn't really answer the question of
how the remaining buses that were allocated to lighter routes were