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Default Northern Line goes south

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In message , at 15:10:55 on Thu, 12
Sep 2019, Marland remarked:
Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 18:25:32 on Wed, 11 Sep
2019, Marland remarked:

My opinion, based on quite a lot of research, being: having earlier
specified mileages to various gateways like Marble Arch, the AA decided
for its maps to consolidate on Trafalgar Square. This has become a meme
about "Charing Cross" (the original one only having a plaque) and an
unspoken implication that it has always been the case (long before the

My mention of Ongar was done because it is an interesting Railway factoid
and also an example to our Aberdeen correspondent that the London Transport
they remember as an example tradition of the good old days initiated a
major Metrication exercise 40 years ago, it was from that you seem to have
decided that you want to hold a point scoring debate ,an activity you are
renowned for by mentioning the Post office datum which turns not to be the
only candidate

It's the original one, though (if you ignore the Romans). And the
Turnpikes used a range of gateways (not unlike the AA did originally,
perhaps they modelled themselves on those).

for distances too and from London .

At least the Ongar one can be verified

The Post Office one can be as well. The mystery about the Charing
Cross/AA one is that as far as I can tell no-one has ever been able to
expand on what it says on that fairly recent and vague plaque.

I think I'll do a FOI on Westminster City Council, and see what they
have to say.

That would be interesting, I wonder if the Ordnance survey has any
information anywhere.


Roland Perry