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Default Boris confirms he'll stand again for Mayor...

On 10 Sep, 20:11, MIG wrote:
On 10 Sep, 16:43, Mizter T wrote:

On Sep 10, 3:39 pm, wrote:

On Fri, 10 Sep 2010 07:27:14 -0700 (PDT)
Mizter T wrote:

Anyhow, it'll either be Boris versus Ken, or Boris versus Oona - we'll
find out that towards the end of September. I don't think I'd be too
surprised if Boris was successful in getting re-elected against either
of them - though just under two years is a long time in politics and
London life, so if there's no bus service past 8pm, or crime has gone
up and there are fewer coppers around, or fire stations are being
closed, things might well be different.

Ken should just bow out. He's had his day and its time someone younger with
some fresh ideas had a chance. I'm no lefty but if Oona King became [Mayor]
I wouldn't be too upset about it.

I'm honestly not sure what I think on the matter. On the one hand,
there's the 'Ken's had his day' argument which I can find some
sympathy with despite the fact that I've got a lot of admiration for
him, on the other hand if he can reinvent himself somewhat then Ken
the hard-bitten, very experienced and knowledgeable fighter for London
could tick the right boxes - and he is a master of reinvention, after

Even questioning Ken in some circles seems to be viewed as tantamount
to sacrilege though! Plus there's a vocal anti-Oona crowd on the left,
who dismiss her as a Blairite - and of course just to really stir it
all up she was right bang in the middle of things w.r.t. the Iraq war
and opposition to it, what with her being toppled as MP for Bethnal
Green & Bow by Galloway - lots of strong emotions there. Though it
should be remembered most folk simply aren't patched in to these
tribal undercurrents.

Re Oona - has she got the backbone, has she got the required fight,
indeed quite what is she all about? I'm not too sure, though if she
were to get the nomination she might well grow into the role. Plus at
the moment, the public exposure of the candidates does perhaps reflect
that this is an internal Labour party choice.

FWIW I am but an interested observer, albeit admittedly one who hasn't
observed the going-ons in great detail!

To what extent Boris might get associated with other unpopular cuts,
if people feel schools and other services are suffering (despite them
not being a GLA/ Mayoral responsibility), is another question - hence
Team Boris being happy, and indeed actively promoting the idea that
there to be some space to be seen between himself and his fellow
Tories in government.

Now the election is over Boris doesn't have to toe the party line anymore and
can be as bolshie as he likes. In reality its probably even worse for Cameron
than if a lefty were [Mayor] since in that case he could attack them outright
but if its a tory major tossing toys out the pram then he's a bit stuffed.
Its the same situation Blair had with Ken.

I think the position of Mayor more or less inherently requires the
holder to be their own man or woman and strike out on their own to a
certain extent, rather than just religiously toeing their party's line
- especially if their party is in governmental. There are similarities
with Ken of course, but Ken's situation was all the more interesting
given that he was shoved out from the tent and then later re-admitted,
whilst retaining a certain air of being an independent operator.

How the Mayor relates to his party will always be an interesting
dynamic I think. We had two years of Mayor Boris being a different
political colour from central government of course, and the oft-
pointed out irony is that might have been a rather easier position for
him to sustain than the awkward shuffle he has to do now in projecting
himself at some distance from the government.

I think I agree with your general points. *There is no point in having
a mindless line-toeer from any party as Mayor.

Although my hand would fall off if I ever voted either Tory or New
Labour, I think I'd kind of prefer Boris to Oona. *And while I despise
much about Ken (notably his silence on many issues after he rejoined
New Labour) I think he would be a far better choice than Boris, just
on the grounds of competence.

Looks like Labour has selected Ken with a bit of a landslide anyway.

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