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Lew 1 (from the UK) August 27th 03 11:00 AM

Ticketing Issues Update
Hi All,

As some of you may remember, I had an issue with Thameslink on the
availbalility of tickets for a journey to Margate. It ended up with me
paying more then the ticket price on tube fares etc etc.... (Original
Post Subject: Ticketing Issues)

I wrote a letter to Thameslink and here is the reply:


Thank you for your letter of 17 July.

I was sorry to learn of the predicament you found yourself in recently
through a lack of appropriate ticketing facilities. Fortunately, this
is quite a rare occurrence, but I am nevertheless as disappointed as
you are with the lack of alternative arrangements on offer to you at
the time.

For future reference and to hopefully avoid any similar occurrence,
you can either purchase your ticket in advance or purchase a ticket
into London and alight to purchase another ticket to your destination.
Naturally, my latter suggestion is very inconvenient but as we operate
a Penalty Fare policy, I would not wish for you to encounter any

That said, if you do manage to obtain a permit to travel or happen to
have not purchased a ticket from the station of origin, then those
difficulties should easily be checked out by phone from a Revenue
Protection inspector to avoid the issue of a Penalty Fare.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.


Also enclosed was 10.00 rail vouchers.

I was happy with the reponse, though I do think that such affairs
should be more widely advertised at the stations.

Best Wishes,

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